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Primarily for the Utah area

As an independent video producer, I can work with you to produce a custom video for your needs and budget.

Your business or organization can get noticed with compelling video that highlights your products, services and business values. Great for placement on your website, on social media, at meetings, expos, or one-on-one sales.

An initial meeting will establish your goals with expectations of all involved on the production team.  Key messages will be woven into an outline, storyboard, and script.

Production will meet your time schedule and needs.  

Post production results can be monitored and changes made if needed.

Final product can include a standard DVD, an Mp4 file for web use, or other formats for mobile use.

Cost will depend on complexity of project, but a short (4-5 minute) video runs $800.

Family History Videos

Family history videos leave a living, personal video to inspire and inform present and future generations. The video will become a valued heirloom for the rising generations to enjoy. Each can be customized to meet your needs and budget.

The following are common packages to consider:

Biography Interview: A video interview will be conducted in the location of your choosing. Limited editing and inclusion of photos will leave you with a basic head and shoulders that will tell your story. Length can vary.  A teleprompter is available. Cost is $500.

Slide Show: You collect the slides or photos you want to show. We will record your voice as you give an explanation of each photo. The entire sequence will be produced into a video on DVD or the file format of your choice.  Cost is $300.

Family or Individual Heritage Video: This premium video gives an individual or family an opportunity to share a one-stop video that can be authored into custom chapters to access on a DVD.  Many hours and much planning is required to gather all the photo and footage assets, and organize the outline or script. A teleprompter is available. This can include travel to a family historic site for video. Cost will vary by the number and length of chapters, but will be in the range of $1,300.

Awareness is the name of the game when launching a new product or service, and video does that about as well as anything. The unique nature of your produce--how it works, how it looks, what it does for the customer--can be featured.

"Short and Sweet" is how a new product should be presented amid the clutter of competition.  A short video (about 1 minute) can keep viewer attention best on YouTube or your website.

The video will be produced and packaged to your needs.

Cost for a short introduction video is $800.

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